Single Window Unit

In order to facilitate the allottees / General Power of Attorney Holders of DDA flats allotted on lease for taking loan from the Bank / BodyTextcial Institutions, Single Window Unit has been established on 1st October, 2001

Important Steps to be taken under single window unit:

  • As a first step, the allottee / applicant would approach the Bank / BodyTextcial Institution for obtaining loan to pay outstanding dues, penalty, cost of flat, stamp duty for freehold conversion and other dues etc.

  • The concerned Bank / BodyTextcial Institution would scrutinize the application as per their norms

  • Once the Bank / BodyTextcial Institution agrees in principle to BodyTextce the allottee, and intimates formally to DDA their intention of extending loan along with necessary papers through Single Window Unit.

  • DDA would work out the dues after verification of payments. The dues would include belated installment amount, interest / penalty, balance cost, ground rent, service charges and interest thereon, conversion charges and any other charges etc.

  • The Single Window Unit would intimate the dues to the Bank /BodyTextcial Institution / Applicant

  • Bank / BodyTextcial Institution would sanction the loan in principle

  • The Allottee / Applicant would submit application for conversion from lease hold to free hold directly to the Single Window Unit after making payment of conversion charges into Bank. Copy of bank challan of payment would be rendered along with the conversion application.

  • After due process, the conveyance deed papers would be issued by DDA

  • Tripartite Agreement would be executed among BodyTextcer, BodyTextcee and DDA in the approved format

  • Bank / BodyTextcial Institution would release loan for payment of DDA dues and stamp duty. Allottee will deposit the stamp duty with the Collector of Stamp, depending upon the agreement between the bank / BodyTextcial institution and the borrower, or borrower may deposit stamp duty himself and DDA's dues in authorized bank.

  • Allottee will submit stamped Conveyance Deed papers along with the requisite challans to the Single Window Unit

  • After verification of payment and issue of No Dues Certificate, execution process of CD papers would be completed and executed CD papers would be handed over to the concerned Bank

  • The Bank would submit executed CD papers to the office of Sub - Registrar for its registration. The Bank would also intimate Single Window Unit of the fact that documents are registered with the authorities

  • After registration of CD Papers, the tripartite agreement would cease to exist

For details of Single Window Unit, the Counselor [Housing] or Single Window Unit may be contacted.