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1. Registration of DDA flat

Ques. How can I get DDA flats?

Ans. DDA announces launch of its scheme through public notices in all leading newspapers and through advertisement on DDA website

2. Choice of locality

Ques. How can I get a flat in the choice of my locality or floor?

Ans. Choice of locality in new scheme is offered but floor choice or allotment in a particular Sector/pocket is not allowed as the allotment of the flat is made through computerized draw. G.F flats are allotted under reserve quota to physically disabled category registrants under 3% reserve quota

Ques. How can I get allotment of flat exchanged with any other allottee, if he/she agrees?

Ans.There is no such provision.

Ques. Can I opt between hire purchase (instalments) and Cash Down mode of payment?

Ans. There is no such provision. Only 3% is reserved for physically disabled and they can opt for cashdown

3. Eligibility Criterion

Ques. Who can apply in the scheme:-

Ans. Eligibility for applying in scheme is as under -
  • (i) The applicant must be a citizen of India;
  • (ii) He should have attained the age of majority i.e. an applicant should have completed 18 years of age as on the date of submitting the application;
  • (iii) The applicant must not own any dwelling unit (including residential plot)/flat in full or in part on lease hold or freehold basis in Delhi, New Delhi or Delhi Cantonment , either in his/her own name or in the name of his/her spouse or in the name of any of the dependent relations including unmarried children.
  • (iv) Family means spouse and dependent relations including unmarried children.
  • (v) Both husband and wife can apply for flats separately subject to fulfilment of eligibility conditions with the stipulations that if both are found to be successful only one shall be allotted a flat.
  • (vi) One person can submit one application only either in his/her own name or as a joint applicant.
  • (vii) A person who has already been allotted a plot/house/flat by the DDA or any other land owning agency in Delhi, irrespective of size, shall not be eligible to apply for another flat under the scheme;
  • (viii) There is no income criterion, except for applicants applying for EWS flats. The applicant can apply according to his/her requirement and affordability;
  • (ix) The income of applicants applying for EWS flats should not exceed Rs.1 lakh per annum.
  • (x) The applicant should have an account in any bank and the particulars must be filled in the application form. It is assumed that the bank has followed KYC norms of RBI in respect of such account;
  • (xi) Applicant must have PAN allotted under the provisions of Income Tax act and the same should be quoted in the application form except when applying for an EWS flat;
  • (xii) In case of joint application under SC/ST reserved category, the joint applicant should be from the within the Family as defined above;
  • (xiii) In case of joint application under war widows, persons with disabilities, ex-servicemen reserved categories, the applicant himself/herself should fall within the reserved category and the joint applicant should be from the Family as defined above.

4. Allotment

Ques. How does DDA allot flats to the public?

Ques. Is the amount refundable if I am unsuccessful in the draw?

Ans. Yes

Ques. When is the amount refunded if I am unsuccessful in the draw?

Ans. Refund of Registration amount is made within 15 days after the draw of lots.

Ques. How and when do I know the results of the draw?

Ans. The result of the draw is uploaded on the DDA’s website immediately after the draw and also published in all the leading newspapers next day.

Ques. Is there any wait list at DDA?

Ans. Yes, There is a provision in the Scheme Brochure, DDA keeps a few applicants (which varies from scheme to scheme ) in the wait list. The wait-list is displayed on DDA’s website.

Ques. What documents I need to submit in case I am successful in draw ?

Ans. Allotee has to submit the prescribed documents as mentioned in the scheme brochure.

Ques. Where do I submit the documents?

Ans. Submit the documents within the prescribed time at counter 4 D block DDA Vikas Sadan.

Ques. When is the demand cum allotment letter issued?

Ans. Once the documents are verified, the demand cum allotment letter is issued immediately by speed post on the address as available in the DDA file of the applicant.

Ques. How much time is allowed to the allottee to make the payment of the flat?

Ans. The permissible period (without and with interest) for making payment of the demanded amount is indicated in the demand cum allotment letter.

Ques. When does an allotte get the letter of possession?

Ans. Once the allottee makes the payment of the demanded amount within the stipulated time frame and completes the required documentation, the letter of possession is issued indicating the time period for reporting to the Engineering for taking physical possession of the flat.

5. Applicants who wish to surrender the flat

Ques. What formalities are to be completed for the refund?

Ans. TheThe allottee must submit the request for cancellation and refund amount along with the following documents either by post with letter addressed to respective DD (LIG/Janta/MIG) or submit at counter 4 D block DDA VikasSadan
  • (i) Original demand-cum-allotment letter.
  • (ii) Original Acknowledgment slip of the application form.
  • (iii) NOC of the Bank through which the registration money was financed otherwise copy of bank pass book through which the registration money was deposited.
  • (iv) CrossedCheque of the Bank account of the allottee in which refund is sought.
  • (v) Proof of residence in case there is change of address as given in the application form.

Ques. Is there any cancellation charge?

Ans. The cancellation charges are mentioned in the Scheme Brochure

6. Request for change of floor/location

Ques. Can I change my floor or location post allotment?

Ans. The request for the change of flat of the same location in suitable cases subject to availability of flat and production of certificate from a government hospital or any recognized hospital which certifies that either the allottee or any member of his family as defined in the financial rules of govt., suffers from blindness or physical handicap of an orthopedic nature where lower limbs are affected, or rheumatoid arthritis or any serious heart condition or the allottee or any member of his family as aforesaid is more than 70 years of age are considered.

Ques. Is there any other provision to change the floor/location?

Ans. Once the draw of lots of waitlisted applicants is done. The left over flats may be offered to the applicants who wants change of location/floor provided the demanded amount and the required documents are submitted by the eligible candidate.

7. Payment terms

Ques. What are the payment terms for the allotted flat?

Ans. Payment terms are mentioned in scheme brochure

8. Issue of Possession letter:

Ques. What formalities I need to complete for issue of possession letter after making payment?

Ans. The allottee must submit DDA, a proof of payment made by the way of RTGS.A copy of agreement to Sell (ATS)/CD is issued against the receipt of payment which is to be stamped by Collector of Stamps, GNCTD and submitted at counter 4 at reception,VikasSadan.The candidate must get the biometric done at NSk,vikasSadan (special counters opened for the same) All the documents as per clause 6 in the brochure along with ATS duly stamped from the collectorate of stamps.DDA examines the documents and possession letter is issued to the allottee with a request to take ones physical possesion of the flat with in the prescribed time with a copy to the concerned Engineering Division.

Ques. When can I receive the possession letter?

Ans. Possession letter is issued after 15days to the allottes who have made the payment and submitted the documents as per the scheme brochure and in case of reserved category applicants, the caste verification/disability verification certificate is received from the issuing authority.

Ques. When can I take the physical possession of the flat?

Ans. Once the possession letters are issued by the Asst.Director (Housing), the allottees have to take the physical possession/keys of the flat within the prescribed time from the concerned engineering division.

9. Post Allotment – Death/change of address/loss of documents

Ques. What is the process in case of death/mutation?

Ques. How can I change my address?

Ques. What I can do in case of loss of documents?

10. Application and Submission of conversion documents

Ques. From where can I buy conversion booklet?

Ans. Conversion Booklet can be obtained from any nearby NSK or at DDA VikasSadan counter.

Ques. Is conversion allowed in case it is subjudiced before the court of law?

Ans. No

Ques. Is conversion allowed in case of encroachment on govt. land?

Ans. No

Ques. Where can I apply for conversion.

Ans. The applicant/owner of the flat can visit the NagrikSuvidhaKendras situated at –
  • (i) DDA office complex at DeepaliChowk (Saraswati Vihar Chowk), Rohini;
  • (ii) DDA office complex, Sheed bad Park (Pushta) Laxmi Nagar;
  • (iii) Dwarka; DDA office complex Central Nursery, Sector-5 and
  • (iv) NSK,VikasSadan, INA, New Delhi.

Ques. How can I calculate the conversion charges in case of DDA flats?

Ans. Conversion charges has been specified category wise and zone wise in the brochure . In case of allottee, a rebate of 40% is allowed and in case of GPA applicants, 33% surcharge is calculated and added.

Ques. What documents I require for applying for conversion from lease hold to free hold in case of DDA flats?

Ans. Documents required are:
  • 1. Undertaking duly attested by Notary Public/Gaz. Officer.
  • 2. Affidavit duly attested by Notary Public/Gaz. Officer.
  • 3. Indemnity Bond duly attested by Notary Public/Gaz. Officer.
  • 4. Copy of POA(S) along with Sale Agreement (where application is made by attorney), duly attested by Notary Public/Gazetted Officer.
  • 5. Proof of Physical Possession of the person in whose name the conversion is sought viz. copy of possession letter or slip/House Tax receipt/ration card etc. duly attested by Notary Public/Gazetted Officer.
  • 6. One attested passport size photograph and 4 attested specimen signature of the person in whose favour the Conversion is sought.
  • 7. Details/Proof of Payment of ground rent ( If any).
  • 8. Copy of Lease deed/sub-lessees deed/conveyance deed/allotment letter duly attested by Notary Public Gazetted Officer.
  • 9. Copy of N.O.C. from the mortgagee duly attested by Notary Public/Gazetted Officer (If any).

Ques. Can I apply for conversion from lease hold to free hold if some dues are pending?

Ans. Yes, The applicant can apply for conversion from lease hold to free hold. However, the conversion is allowed only after the payment of all the dues are made against the property.

11. Misuse /unauthorized construction

Ques. Where do I report in case of any illegal/unauthorized construction/misuse in DDA flats?

Ans. In cases of notified areas (which are maintained by DDA ), complaint can be made to the respective Executive Engineer of DDA of the respective area for taking action against the unauthorized construction/encroachment/misuse.Whereas in case of de-notified areas (which are under MCD) , the complainant can report to the Zonal Asstt. Commissioner of the respective MCD.

12. Alteration/unauthorized constructions in DDA flats

Ques. What kind of additional alteration are in the permissible limit?

Ans.Click here or can collect booklets and policy on procedure for permission and regularization of additional alterations in DDA flats is available on DDA’s Counters at Vikas Sadan.

Ques. Can I convert my flat from lease hold to free hold, in case of any unauthorized construction?

Ans. The flat can be converted from lease hold to free hold even if it has any unauthorized construction.

DDA does not assume any obligation legal or otherwise in giving indicative answers/suggestive answers to the FAQ's mentioned above and this information shall not be the basis of filing any legal action against DDA and its officers. These FAQs are subject to updation.

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