City  Forest
  • DDA is working towards protecting and developing city forests not only to create the much-needed lung spaces for growing metropolis but also to provide people with a healthy, beautiful ambience to live in.
  • Massive afforested areas has been developed by the DDA to harmonise the balance in the fast-polluting capital city.
  • DDA has developed 25 sprawling City Forests, spread over 460 ha. all over the city. These are the natural lungs of the city that counter pollution and environmental degradation.
  • DDA has afforested massive areas under to recreate city forests, as a counter to the pollution in the city, creating oxygen banks for neighboring colonies.
  • Tall trees and the shrubbery, the chirping of birds and even the sense of the wild, balance the urban hustle-bustle and the consequent stresses and strains.
  • A veritable paradise for morning walkers natures lovers, 25 such protected forests are under the current jurisdiction of the DDA.
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