Feedback Form

Feedback from the allottees of DDA flats under Housing Scheme-2010 & Housing Scheme-2014 - Form a Residents Welfare Association for availing Maintenance of ‘Common Areas

Dear Allottee,

As per Clause 20 of the terms & conditions of the DDA Housing Scheme-2014, every successful applicant is required to become a member of the Registered Agency/Association of Apartment Owners to be formed for the purpose of maintenance of common areas of the new housing pockets..

2. For maintenance of common area, in respect of new housing pockets constructed under the said scheme (after October, 2010), a Maintenance Fund has been created. For this purpose, for a period of 30 years, the maintenance charges have been added to the disposal cost. The entire maintenance funds collected is to be deposited in an escrow account as a corpus and maintenance (running & capital) is to be carried out with the interest earned on the corpus. The fund will be apportioned to the RWAs registered with DDA and will be managed by the Managing Committee of RWA in which DDA will be represented by the Executive Engineer of the concerned zone. The civil and electrical maintenance of all the newly constructed flats will be carried out by using the interest amount accrued from the corpus created for maintenance by registered RWAs. In case, there is any shortfall, the concerned RWAs, registered with DDA, will have to bridge the gap through contribution from the allottees. The fund becomes operative from the date of first demand-cum-allotment letter is issued and will be implemented once the RWA s are formed and recognized by DDA.

3. The details of documents/codal formalities required to be submitted/completed by RWAs for the purpose of recognition/registration and the details of localities of ‘newly constructed flats’ allotted under Housing Scheme-2010 and the Housing Scheme-2014, as detailed in the respective scheme brochure, are also available on DDA’s website - Hot link.

4. For the flats in new Housing Pockets allotted under Housing Scheme-2010, DDA is committed to provide maintenance of common areas for 30 years, as per the schedule tabulated in Clause 12 of the Scheme Brochure. For the purpose, one time maintenance cost @ 15% and 12% of construction cost in case of flats with lifts/without lifts respectively, has been added to the cost of the flat.

5. Now, DDA proposes to effect civil and electrical maintenance of common areas, etc. through Residents Welfare Associations in respect of newly constructed flats allotted under Housing Scheme-2010, on the lines of the provisions of the Housing Schemes of 2014.

6. The concerned allottees of these flats (newly constructed) under both these Housing Schemes, are requested to give their response/feedback on the above proposal of the DDA by clicking here Feedback within a period of 30 days. .