Major Aspects of MPD - 2021  
  Regional & Sub Regional Framework  
  Demographic Profile  
  Physical Infrastructure  
  Social Infrastructure  
  Traffic & Transportation  
  Mixed Land Use  
  Development Management  

Master Plan of Delhi (MPD) -2021 | 2001 | 1962

" The information contained in this section is indicative only. The data used is from secondary sources only. Based on these the proposals policies for the MPD-2021 are being formulated. "

Making of the Plan

DDA is currently engaged in extensive modification of the Master Plan of Delhi - 2001 and is preparing MPD with a perspective up to 2021 to cater to the increasing population and the changing requirements of the city.

As a prelude to preparation of MPD - 2021, twelve subgroups have been constituted comprising:

  • Experts and Professionals,
  • Eminent Persons,
  • Public Representatives,
  • Concerned Departments,
  • Sectoral Studies
  • Series of Seminars inviting politicians, administrators,local bodies & RWA's etc.

About 200 Experts are Delibrating on different aspects.

The Sub-Groups on :

  • Demographic Profile
  • Regional and Sub-Regional
  • Shelter
  • Trade and Commerce
  • Industry
  • Physical infrastructure
  • Traffic and Transportation
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Mixed Land Use
  • Conservation and Urban Renewal
  • Environment and Pollution
  • Development Controls


  • Public participation through series of seminars and interaction with Residents Welfare Associations etc.
  • Recommendations of the sub-groups
  • Central / state government and authority advice-
    (Guidelines received from GOI - additional input being publicised for consultation with stakeholders)
  • Draft plan
  • Approval of GOI for issue of public notice to invite objections & suggestions.
  • Consideration of objections and suggestions
  • Final plan
  Screening Committee (HOUSING & URBAN PROJECTS WING)  
  Master Plans  
  Zonal Plans  
  Urban Extension Projects  
  Traffic & Transportation  
  Other Projects  
  Special Projects  
  Policy Modifications  
  Building Guidelines