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Biodiversity Parks, Delhi

Aravalli Biodiversity Park

The Fernary is located in a small pit with rugged cut slopes but has a number of ecological niches suitable for the growth of Aravalli ferns. A few threatened ferns are also maintained here under high relative humidity and cool conditions generated by shading the open areas by trees and climbers. Asplenium prolongatum, Phymatosorus lucidus,, Lycopodium wightii and Drinaria propinqua are found in the Fernary besides thousands of gametophytes.

The Orchidarium is located in one of the deep pits with weathered cut slopes. Along with the bottom, slopes of the pit were planted with evergreen trees. Two small water bodies were also created. The top of the pit is shaded with climbers. As many as 70 orchid species are maintained in the orchidarium and many of them are flowered. The orchidarium is also a home for uncommon birds like the beautiful Paradise flycatcher, the colourful Verditer flycatcher, the Indian tree pie and the rare wall creeper.  More adventures people could walk off to a narrow cave harbouring thousands of bats. Disturbing them by lighting or making noise however, is strictly prohibited. 

Conservatory of Butterfly
The saucer shaped depression with slopes covered with native bush vegetation harbours thousands of butterflies belonging to 30-40 species. There is also a small insectory where the larvae of butterflies multiply on host plants.