Biodiversity Parks, DelhiBiodiversity Parks, Home for Vanishing Flora & FounsBiodiversity Parks, Delhi
Biodiversity Parks, Delhi

Living world

Biodiversity Parks contain myriad of life forms ranging from minute insects to large mammals and communities ranging from sub tropical evergreen forest to ravine thorn forest ecosystems.

Glimpses of Biodiversity

Aerides MultifloraBanded Fourlegged SpiderBinocellate CobraCalotes Versicolor

Camouflaged InsectCarissa SpinarumCoppersmith BarbetDamsel Fly

DarterDeveloping Grassland Female KoelA flock of Tufted Pochard

FlySpotbilled DucksGlassy TigerIndian Hare

JackalMonitor LizardRed Crested PochardPartridge with Chicks

PeafowlPlain TigerRed AdavatRed Shank

Riparian CommunityRobber FlyScalybreasted MuniaIndian Silverbill

Spailanthus acmella Sunbird in NestVariegated DragonflyVerditer Flycatcher

A view of visitors' area

Nature at Work :