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Biodiversity Parks, Delhi

Yamuna Biodiversity Park

Nature Education
The Yamuna Biodiversity Park is envisaged to play an important role in imparting Nature Education particularly to school and college students, who are the decision-makers of tomorrow.

The park with its developing ecosystems, which are in various stages of development, provides a good opportunity to learn about prominent species of plants and animals, seed germination, bioremediation, ecosystem redevelopment, food webs, and life history strategies.

Nature Reserve Zone
20 different biotic communities are being created in the approximately 130 acres of the nature reserve zone. Subtropical mixed evergreen forest community, subtropical mixed semi-evergreen forest community, tropical moist deciduous forest ecosystem with Sal as a dominant species, subtropical semi-evergreen forest (Terai region of Yamuna River Basin), grasslands, Acacia woodlands to mention a few. The communities are developed by massive plantation programmes, some have already developed canopies and have attracted animals such as the monitor lizard, civet, jungle cat and Nilgai, which were never found before here.